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RoamEO Pet Location GPS Collar

Locate your pet using GPS technology with the
RoamEO™ GPS dog collar and receiver system


RoamEO™ Pet Monitor System
RoamEO Receiver and Collar, two Batteries and a Charger

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Price $179.00

GPS Enabled Receiver and Collar: RoamEO™ is designed using WAAS-enabled GPS technology capable of tracking multiple satellites to provide quick and accurate positioning data even in harshest environments.

Distance and Direction: The RoamEO™ receiver interprets a continuous stream of GPS data that is refreshed every four seconds to display the proper direction and distance to travel to find your pet.

Receiver can monitor two dogs: The RoamEO™ receiver can track up to two pets simultaneously.

Easy to Read, Backlit LCD: The RoamEO™ receiver's high contrast display can be easily read in bright sunlight and has a backlight for use at night.

Adjustable collar: The RoamEO™ GPS Dog Collar is designed to fit necks as small as 12 inches and can easily expand to 24 inches for larger pets.

Designed for Outdoor Use: The RoamEO™ GPS Dog Collar can be used in less than ideal conditions, like rain, snow and other wet environments. The electronics are protected against water intrusion so your dog can spend time in his (or your) favorite places with no harm to the collar. The waterproof dog collar is also made of a rubber material that can be easily cleaned if needed.

Rechargeable Batteries and Charger included: Every system includes two lithium ion batteries and a charger. The RoamEO pet location system has 24 hours of battery life in typical use conditions.

The coverage area has a minimum diameter of one mile.

No Subscription, No Activation, No User Fees: There are no third party fees required to use the RoamEO Pet Monitor System. The system is fully configured at the factory and can used right out of the box.

Home Mode Feature: Allows user to be guided back to a known location like a vehicle or campsite.

Physical Specifications

- GPS Receiver: 4.9" High X 2.4" Wide X 1.1" Deep [Weight: 5.9 ounces]
- GPS Dog Collar: 0.9" Wide, expandable to 24" Long [Weight: 6.5 ounces]


- Battery: Lithium Ion Battery Pack, 1700mAH, 3.7V, Removable cell
- Charger: Universal Charger, 3.7V, 3.3" High X 1.9" Wide X 1.4" Deep
- Charging Time: Approximately 3 hours

GPS Performance

- WAAS enabled, continuously tracks multiple satellites
- GPS accuracy: three meters, 95% typical
- TTFF: 45 seconds typical


- Channel: 154.60MHz, FSK


- Outdoor (sunlight) readable
- EL backlight
- 2.65" High X 1.6" Wide

RoamEO monitors your pet using a patented
combination of satellite and radio signals.


The collar and
the receiver collect
GPS signals from satellites.


The collar
sends it's
to the


The receiver
guides you
to your

1. How does the RoamEO GPS dog collar work?
The RoamEO Pet Monitor System consists of a handheld receiver used by the pet owner and a GPS collar for your pet. Both pieces contain a GPS module and a radio. When powered on, the pet collar sends its GPS coordinates to the handheld receiver via its radio transmitter. The handheld receiver uses a special software program that takes the GPS coordinates from the collar, compares them to the GPS coordinates of the receiver, calculates the location of your pet in relation to you and displays this information on the LCD. New GPS coordinates from the collar are transmitted to the receiver every four seconds when your pet is moving, giving you real time location information.

2. Do I need to subscribe to any third party services to operate my RoamEO system?
No. The RoamEO system does not require any third party services for operation. We use our own radio circuit to transmit GPS data so there is no need for additional services.

3. How do I know if the collar will fit my dog?
The RoamEO GPS dog collar is adjustable and designed to fit on medium to large size dogs. The collar is made out of a flexible rubber material that is approximately one inch wide except for the battery compartment which is an inch and a half wide and slightly taller than the rest of the collar. The battery compartment is also made from a rigid plastic to protect the battery. The collar can expand from a smallest circumference of 12 inches up to 24 inches for larger breeds of dogs. The collar will most likely not fit well on smaller dogs (generally, those under 18-20 pounds) and is too large for cats.

4. I am concerned the collar will be too heavy for my dog.
The RoamEO GPS dog collar weighs only six ounces.

5. I have two dogs? Do I need to purchase two systems?
No. Each receiver is designed to monitor two RoamEO GPS dog collars at the same time.

6. Do I have to purchase batteries for my RoamEO system?
No. The RoamEO system comes with rechargeable lithium ion batteries and a charger. The batteries will recharge fully in less than three hours.

7. What type of battery life of should I expect from the RoamEO system?
The RoamEO GPS dog collar and receiver are designed for a minimum of 24 hours of battery life on a single charge under continuous use conditions.

8. How accurate is the GPS?
The typical accuracy of the receiver and collar will be 9 - 12 feet. The system may achieve much better accuracy if the WAAS satellites are available.

9. Will weather conditions affect the GPS accuracy of my system?
GPS accuracy is not affected by most weather conditions. GPS is sensitive to solar events that are unseen by the human eye, so it is possible the system experiences slow lock times during these events, which occur infrequently.

10. What is the size of the receiver and collar?
The receiver is 5 inches high, 2.5 inches wide and a little over 1 inch deep. It is designed to fit comfortably in your hand. The pet collar is approximately 1 inch wide and its length is adjustable to 24 inches.

11. My dog is outside all the time. What is the collar made of?
The GPS dog collar is made of a very flexible rubber material. It can be washed or cleaned without any harm to the electronics. It is designed to withstand the outdoor elements.

12. How far away can my dog be and still be located?
The range of the RoamEO Pet Monitor system is determined by the radio signal transmitted from the collar. All RoamEO systems are tested for one half mile of distance on our factory test course which effectively gives the system a minimum of 500 acres of coverage surrounding the location of the receiver. Less challenging terrain will allow the system to achieve greater range.

*RoamEO Receiver

*RoamEO GPS Dog Collar (fits most 12"-24")

*Battery Charger

*Two Rechargeable Batteries

*RoamEO User Guide

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RoamEO™ Accessories

RoamEO Pet GPS Collar

RoamEO™ GPS Dog Collar
Adjustable from 12-24"

Price: $129.00

RoamEO Pet GPS Battery

RoamEO™ Battery
Rechargable Lithium Ion Battery Pack, 1700mAH, 3.7V

Price: $17.00

RoamEO Pet GPS Battery Charger

RoamEO™ Charger
Battery Charger, Single Bay, Wall Mount

Price: $19.00


30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

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